Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

My favorite place

Quite a lot of places I visit often, but there are some places that became my favorite. One of these is the lake where the scenic hills. Location of the lake is not so far from my house. If pursued with bike just 10 minutes.

In the picturesque hills of the lake there are many merchants who offer food disiang and evening. For example chicken noodle, Somay, batagor, ketoprak, durian ice, ice cantaloupe, coconut ice and others. Comfortable place to eat and chat barsama friends. Because the place is comfortable, many young children and lovers who often visited there. Not only the variety of food but there are also beautiful scenery and the air is cool because a lot of trees around the lake.

If the evening meal is usually sold is different from the afternoon and evening. Example will be replaced by toast, roasted corn and sweet or martabak eggs. No wonder if every night the week many young couples who spend time in this place. Because food sold relatively affordable, so this place became a favorite place for students, or students like me.

Not only the lake but no longer just a place that became my favorite. Usually I call the stars of the hill. Because of the hill we can see the stars clearly. Is located in Bukit Sentul Bogor. At night I can see the expanse of city lights that look very beautiful from the top of the hill. If it was my place to feel comfortable and did not want to go home. The air is cool makes me want to go back there again.

I usually visit with the star of the hill my boyfriend. Because my boyfriend who first brought me the place. If we're bored with the crowd in the city like in a mall, we usually visit the place together. Many things I can do there. Usually I take pictures, photographs, sipping fresh air and removing fatigue.

Not far from the hill there is also the star of the landscape rainbow hill no less interesting. But I prefer to be in the hills stars because so many memories are stored there. I will never forget it. I am very fortunate to have visited the beautiful places like that.

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