Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Acknowledging Orders

Elektronic Product Ltd. Jl. Klender No.74

Your ref : AM/L/2B
Our ref : WP/DC/22C

29 November, 2009
Mr. Khaerul
Sales Manager
Very Veiimous LTD
Jl. Kupu-kupu No. 41
Jakarta Timur 13720

Mr. Khaerul,
Subject : Purchase Order No.00123

We thank you for your order of 16 October 2009 and will dispatch the goods by truck.
We are pleased to acknowledge your order of 16 October 2009 for :
50 Washing SHARP Catalouge No. A 1135
50 Washing DENPOO Catalouge No. B 250
50 Washing ELECTROLUX Catalouge No. Z 125
100 Vacum SHARP Catalouge No. T 225
50 Vacum SANYO Catalouge No. V 1654
We feel sure that you will find these goods satisfactory and perfectly suited to your needs.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Mavela A Hafsah
Marketing Manager

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